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There are times when changes in the season or an upcoming special event presents a cleaning challenge so large, that you simply cannot tackle it alone. Not to mention moments when your special skills are needed to do something other than clean a storeroom, or prep a tradeshow floor.

In a time like this, you can always turn to the experienced teams at Griselda’s Cleaning Service. We offer free estimates, and affordable rates to go with our access to professional-grade cleaning products. Griselda’s Cleaning Service even offers a Green Cleaning system that employs state-of-the-art ecological cleaning products to leave behind a fresh smell, without hurting the environment.

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Special Request & Event Cleaning Services

Special events often come with special setup and cleaning needs. This might include things like hosting a family reunion, a neighborhood gets together, a corporate seminar, an in-house tradeshow, or even hosting a wedding on your rental property.

Advanced Cleaning, & Preparation

If your home or commercial property is going to be the site often needs to be thoroughly cleaned in advance of vendors setting up. This ensures a pristine blank canvas to create the backdrop you need to impress your guests regardless of the situation.

Professional After Event Cleaning

Special events, tradeshows, weddings, and other events that are hosted on your property can leave a major mess behind. In a time like this, you can rely on the special event cleanup services offered by Griselda’s Cleaning Service to deliver you a stress-free cleanup process.

Our reliable cleaning teams have the experience and access to commercial-grade cleaning products and equipment to tackle just about any special event cleanup. We also offer green cleaning solutions to leave your property smelling fresh and free of any harsh chemical odors.

Free Estimates

At Griselda’s Cleaning Service we offer a wide range of professional cleaning services for residential, rental, and commercial properties. We offer free estimates for regular cleaning services, rental property cleaning, and deep cleaning jobs.

Our reliable cleaning teams have the experience to accurately assess the full scope of your needs and help you understand your options. We offer a wide range of affordable services regardless of the scope or scale of your cleaning needs.

Affordable Pricing

No contracts! We can customize cleaning plans for any budget or location size.

Trusted & Experienced

We only hire the best employees, vetted through a rigorous screening process. No temps! You’ll know us by name.

Reliable & On-Time

Whether you choose regular or occasional cleaning, our flexible team will always be there when we say so. Guaranteed.

Happiness Guarantee

Our dedication to customer service, approachability and availability will ensure your needs come first. We’ll always make things right!

Any Occasion One-Time Cleaning Services

From a single event, to recurring events, indoors or outdoors, you can count our team to provide the ultimate white-glove attentive cleaning services, guaranteed to put a smile on your guests face.

Special Event Preparing & Cleanup

Special events like weddings, family gatherings, block parties, and corporate events often require advanced cleaning before setting everything up to create a blank canvas. These one-time cleaning events can be a staggering amount of work that can place undue stress on your shoulders when your attention should be focused elsewhere.

In a time like this, you can turn to the cleaning professionals at Griselda’s Cleaning Service to help you at every phase of the process. We offer free estimates, flexible scheduling, and affordable rates to help you prepare for special events as well as clean up afterward. We back it all with a happiness guarantee.

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Spring & Fall Cleaning

For most people spring cleaning is all about opening up the house after a long winter to get at some much-needed dusting, mopping, and vacuuming. This is meant to freshen up the air and let the freshness of the outdoors inside. For some people, spring cleaning also includes things like disinfecting, scrubbing away grime, and polishing their home back to an impeccable shine.

Though this can be a tedious task of cleaning from room to room with the potential to eat up more than just one, cherished weekend.

If you are looking at an upcoming spring cleaning like an impending prison sentence, then you need to call Griselda’s Cleaning Service today. We offer free estimates, affordable rates, and flexible scheduling that meets your family’s needs.

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Our Spring & Fall Cleaning Service Menu

At Griselda’s Cleaning Service we see spring cleaning as a chance to give your home a breath of fresh air. This goes beyond simply dusting and deep vacuuming. We also use professional-grade cleaning products and equipment to eliminate musty odors as we continue to scrub, disinfect, and deep clean every room in your home. As needed we can even apply extra focus to rooms that might need a little extra attention.

When Should I Start Spring Cleaning?

Spring cleaning is usually thought of as the time of year when the daytime high is just warm enough to throw open the windows to let a little bit of the spring breeze in. Of course, a lot of times, this is just enough wind to toss winter’s dust into the air. If the 10-day forecast has highs that tempt you to open up a window or two, then it’s a good idea to schedule your spring cleaning as soon as possible.

When  To Schedule Fall Cleaning?

Autumn is a time of pleasant temperatures and refreshing breezes that cut through the often stagnant humidity of summer. It also tends to be a time to pack away summer items to get ready for winter. Giving your home a good deep cleaning as the leaves start to turn not only helps put summer to bed but also prepares your home for the long, dry, and often-dusty days of winter. At Griselda’s Cleaning Service we have the experienced cleaning teams and equipment necessary to give your home a clean slate for the change of seasons.

Flexible Scheduling & On-Time Professionalism

At Griselda’s Cleaning Service we are happy to work with your schedule and have the staff to meet most needs on time. We even offer free estimates combined with affordable pricing to give you a stress-free spring or fall cleaning experience.

Bathroom Spring Cleaning

The bathroom is another one of the most important rooms in the home. It’s also a place that is prone to collecting germs, soap scum, grime, and perhaps even stubborn iron stains. Not to mention irritating little spatter marks on the mirror. At Griselda’s Cleaning Service our teams go the extra mile to meticulously clean all the hard surfaces and fixtures in your bathroom as part of our comprehensive spring & fall cleaning menu.

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Total Room Spring & Fall Cleaning

At Griselda’s Cleaning Service we use a meticulous approach in our comprehensive spring & fall cleaning process as we deep clean each room in your home. We even offer a Green Cleaning system to help freshen rooms for springtime weather, without the harsh odors that you sometimes find with other commercial cleaners.

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