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Commercial properties, retail spaces, medical clinics, and multi-tenant vendor areas are typically held to a much higher standard of cleanliness and disinfecting than other places. This is due to a variety of factors, including state and federal regulations as well as liability concerns influenced by the insurance industry.

At Griselda’s Cleaning Service we have years of experience cleaning and disinfecting a wide range of commercial properties. We also offer green cleaning solutions to deeply clean and disinfect commercial properties of every type and scale.

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You’ll always have a familiar face and voice to speak with at any time ready to answer your individualized service requests.


Small & Large Offices

Offices do more than just support employees and in-house staff. Modern-day office spaces also play host to guests and clients who introduce a lot of foot traffic. At Griselda’s Cleaning Service we use professional quality cleaning products and equipment to affect a deep clean in a wide range of offices and sectors. We have years of experience cleaning office spaces of every scale.

Professional Cleaning

Our teams will use the utmost discretion and professionalism when cleaning employee offices and conference space. We are also proud to offer green cleaning solutions to efficiently clean your office spaces without leaving behind the toxic odors that are sometimes associated with traditional commercial grade cleaners.

Cleaning Offices On Your Schedule

At Griselda’s Cleaning Service we understand the value of timeliness. We are proud to offer on-time flexible scheduling. If it works better for you, we can send in our professional cleaning teams after your office has closed for the day. If you prefer, we can send our teams during your regular hours of operation. While there we will professionally clean your office spaces with the utmost discretion, all with minimal interruption to you, your staff, or any visitors.

Free Estimates

At Griselda’s Cleaning Service we offer a wide range of professional cleaning services for residential, rental, and commercial properties. We offer free estimates for regular cleaning services, rental property cleaning, and deep cleaning jobs.

Our reliable cleaning teams have the experience to accurately assess the full scope of your needs and help you understand your options. We offer a wide range of affordable services regardless of the scope or scale of your cleaning needs.

Affordable Pricing

No contracts! We can customize cleaning plans for any budget or location size.

Trusted & Experienced

We only hire the best employees, vetted through a rigorous screening process. No temps! You’ll know us by name.

Reliable & On-Time

Whether you choose regular or occasional cleaning, our flexible team will always be there when we say so. Guaranteed.

Happiness Guarantee

Our dedication to customer service, approachability and availability will ensure your needs come first. We’ll always make things right!

Complete Professional Cleaning Services

Our high standards ensure that each job is completed with utmost precision, adhered to strict detail oriented guidelines meeting specific guidelines tailored to your needs. While no two places are the same, our multi-point checklist provides you with a one-stop company to turn to for all your cleaning needs.

Flexible Scheduling

We understand that the turnover schedule for commercial properties and warehouses doesn’t always follow a standard timetable.  As needed we offer flexible scheduling to rapidly clean warehouse spaces of virtually every scale.

This includes after-hours cleaning services to restore your retail shop to pristine condition before the next business day or cleaning during your active hours of operation. If you do need us to come in while you are still serving customers, we can effectively clean all necessary areas with the utmost discretion. All without disturbing your employees, sales associates, or customers.

Customized Cleaning Products & Tools

Our experienced teams have access to the professional cleaning products and equipment needed to efficiently clean retail shops of nearly any size. We even offer a green cleaning option that uses ecologically conscious cleaning products to leave your shop smelling naturally fresh, without the strong odors that comes with some professional-grade cleaning products.

Retail & Boutique Shops

Retail spaces and boutique shops rely on cleanliness and professional sanitation to attract new customers and continue impressing loyal customers. Though the in-house retail associates may not have the time or the training to meet the high standards of today’s shoppers. Not to mention access to professional cleaning products and equipment.

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Legal Offices

Legal offices are places that need to impress clients and litigators alike. Even the slightest dust or unkempt area can give the wrong impression to people who are relying on the utmost of professionalism. Of course, the billable hours of lawyers and their staff are far too precious to be spent handling janitorial duties. Your focus needs to be on your clients and their important legal needs.

Fortunately, you can rely on the professionalism and discretion of Griselda’s Cleaning Service’s team of top-rated cleaning teams. We have years of experience working with a wide range of office spaces, including legal offices. We understand the need for privacy and discretion while executing a professional level of cleaning, sanitizing & will even water the plants.

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Small Businesses

Your small businesses are the lifeblood of the American economy. So we are proud to offer free estimates and affordable rates to small businesses of any kind. We also have access to professional cleaning products and equipment to make your offices, retail spaces, employee areas, conference rooms, and other small business spaces pristine. We even offer a Green Cleaning service that uses only ecologically friendly, professional-grade cleaning products.

We can service your small business after your normal hours of operation. If you prefer we can also clean your small business during your normal hours of operation. From the first moment we set foot on the premises, we will do our very best to avoid any interruption to you, your employees, or your guests.

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Doctor’s Offices & Medical Clinics

Today more than ever people need to trust Doctor offices and medical clinics to be impeccably clean and thoroughly disinfected. Griselda’s Cleaning Service is happy to answer this call with the utmost professionalism and discretion. We have access to professional-grade cleaning products and equipment, including some of the industry’s best sanitation products.

We are even proud to offer a Green Cleaning process that features ecologically friendly cleaning products. These materials and solutions tend to leave medical offices and clinical spaces smelling naturally fresh without the harsh odors that sometimes come from traditional industrial cleaners.

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Professional Warehouse Cleaning

Warehouses are called upon to store bulk goods and equipment in the short-term as well as the long-term. Turning over inventory, and restocking pallet racks can stir up an astounding amount of dust and leave behind debris that needs professional disposal.

At Griselda’s Cleaning Service we have years of experience cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting a wide range of commercial properties. This includes warehouse spaces of just about any imaginable scale or industry.

Inventory areas and pallet racking are only one part of the vast equation of things that factor into an effective commercial warehouse space. Employee restrooms, executive office space, and distribution hubs all need to be kept in clean working order. As needed our professional cleaning teams can tidy up and disinfect these areas either after-hours or during prime hours of operation. If you do need us to come in during active hours, we will use the utmost professionalism and discretion to minimize any inconvenience to your staff.

We also understand the need to meet all applicable safety standards while on-site. As needed our cleaning teams can don hard hats, safety vests, high visibility clothing, safety glasses, protective footwear, or other protective items, to meet your safety codes.

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